A Lackadaisical Lexicon for Laggard Logophiles
frequently expressed curiosities and sentiments [updated as of the 10th June 2012]

What are your sources for your pictures?
Each image I’ve posted contains a link to the artist’s website (note: I’ve only started being zealous with using this feature as of late January 2012 - click here for a dummy’s guide to how to find the link). The name of the artist is also in the tags. Here are some previous responses to this question: link 1 and link 2. If you notice an entry missing the link, feel free to point it out and it will be fixed.

The definitions are too long/short
Anything less than 2000 words on any topic is too short and purely introductory. This blog cannot and will not be comprehensive as true understanding and knowledge is acquired through years of research, not just a quick read of a concept. Side note: I very rarely write the blurbs as I prefer to keep most of my direct opinions out of this.

I don’t like the way you match words/pictures

Please feel free to submit your own matches. 

You can’t spell ‘diarrhea’

British spelling isn’t dead yet. Click here or here or even here for my previous responses regarding this widespread ignorance.

Can you please do this or that word?

Yes but please be patient as it might take weeks, months, years or decades as I like to pretend I have a life outside of the internet. 

Can you include pronunciation in your posts?
No. Click here to find out why.

Your blog is terrible because you are changing the intention of the artist!
Click here to read my response to your indignation.

How do you match words and images?
By finding common ground between the word and image. This can be a literal [mis]interpretation, a symbolic representation, a subversive recontextualisation or a sardonic observation. Click here for a previous response.

How would you describe your blog?
Retrieve, Recycle, Recontextualise. A superficial, parasitic, illegitimate, frivolous, postmodern, disorganised and farcical wasteland of unoriginal ideas which deserve more than 2 minutes of attention.